Pentecost, King David, and Rejected Corner Stones

Pinchas Shir joins us to continue the exploration of his course The Jewish Church, Part 1 (Acts 1–5). We keep in mind the conversation in the previous episode about the initial believers being Jewish. Today we talk about Peter's use of the Psalms, the added cultural memory of the timing of Kind David's death, and the reasons behind why the early church sold property and gave all that they had to the larger community.

Last week we talked about the obviously Jewish saturated context of Acts 1-5. We concluded noting the insider language Peter used when he quotes from the prophet Joel. But Peter also uses the Psalms. I wanted to start the conversation this week finding out from Pinchas how Psalm 16 helps to support Peter’s claims in Joel.
 Listen in as Pinchas Shir explains some of these concepts.

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