The Gospels Real and Imagined

Dr. Mark Goodacre is a New Testament scholar who is amazing at getting people to investigate that which is thought to be "fact" by both the historic Christian community and academic community. This conversation starts with some easy questions like, "Was Jesus a carpenter?" and "Was Mary Magdalen a prostitute?" Then the topics dive into the technicalities of how the gospels were written and if there are mysterious "Q" texts and what (if anything) the Gospel of Thomas has to do with the gospels.

The Round Table Talk called the Gospels Real and Imagined cover so much more ground than can be highlighted here. Click HERE to listen to the full talk. You can also listen to the IBC Hot Topics Seminar called Why are the Gospels so Different to hear more background on the issue of the similarities and differences between the gospels.

Find out more about Dr. Mark Goodacre HERE -- this site includes his books and links to his podcast.

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