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Pop Culture and Armegeddon

Explore what books like Enoch or Baruch, and geography and the Torah have to do with interpreting the Book of Revelation. Stay for the end credits for a bonus out-take on how to interpret "Armageddon."

The end of the world...or is it?

This is part one of a conversation on the wild and mysterious, confusing, and encouraging book of Revelation. Pinchas Shir, the Associate Professor of Ancient Cultures is the perfect person to ask about how to untangle folk predictions from a more grounded interpretation of the book of Revelation.

Should the name of God be spoken?

What do the Book of Leviticus, quantum physics, and the Greek New Testament teach us about God's personal name? Dr. Gruber explains the historical and cultural context behind the mystery surrounding the meaning and the pronunciation of God's name.

The Name of God: One Name or Many?

What is THE name of God? And how is it different from all the other descriptor names of God that we read in the Bible? Dr. Yeshaya Gruber explains why learning God's name is significant and what happens when the name is lost in translation.

Welcome to the New Podcast!

Welcome to the brand new Israel Bible Podcast with Dr. Cyndi Parker.

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